If you are selling Soap Loaves or Cakes or any other unwrapped soaps you will want to do a professional job of cutting and wrapping them at the sales point. To that end we present our range of quality soap accessories, including soap tubs, sisal bags and soap cutters.


Cutter for Soap Loaves - Internal Dimensions:Hight: 7.5cm,Width: 14cm,Depth: 17cm;Width between the front lip and the grove for the blade: 2cm


Wooden Cutter for Soap Loaves - Internal Dimensions: Hight: 8cm, Width: 12cm, Depth: 16cm; Cuts 2cm thick soap slices.


Antique Style Cutter for Soap Loaves - The (internal) measurements from the base to the bar are 8cm.Width: 11.5cm,Depth: 17.5cm,Cuts 2cm thick soap slices.




Sisal Soap Bag - Size H: 11 x 9 cm

Soap Loaf Cutters